welcome to cult.

Why should marketing be created with the intention to simply surround content? Our take is that marketing can, and should be as engaging as the content it traditionally plays second fiddle to.

Cult is not a traditional agency that creates ATL advertising; our goal is to think beyond this. We are a collection of journalists, producers, videographers and strategic thinkers who seek to ensure a brand’s communications are the things that people flock to.

Cult helps brands to stand out; not by diverting an audience’s attention for a few fleeting seconds, but by captivating their imagination with stories that go beyond pure product — stories that create fans rather than ‘impressions’.


Cult is a branded entertainment agency.

It seems a lot of other people say this is what they do too now that “content is king” — however in the wrong hands, content can also be an indulgent waste of money. It may seem obvious to say, but content has to be entertaining as well as strategic in order to provide ROI.

Cult embodies this expertise.

We’ve been crafting videos that millions of people around the world, blogs and award winning news sites have been fans of for years now.

You see Cult harnesses the editorial might of — an online magazine producing original video content around all things cultural. Capturing stories everywhere from Miami’s Art Basel to Seoul’s Fashion Week, has published over a thousand films, creating a global audience.

Realising that we had a unique offering gained from this editorial and production expertise, Cult was launched, an agency that exists in order to help brands find new ways to reach, educate and entertain their audiences. Cult offers a cultural expertise combined with a strategic media approach that both builds and retains an engaged audience.

From our offices in London and New York we service the likes of Hennessy and Swarovski through to Mini and Adidas — our client list is almost as diverse as the services we offer to brands; anything from the curation of events up to multi-country broadcast video shoots.

What makes us different?

We are journalists and storytellers, not corporate advertisers.
We use our editorial resources to tell brand stories.
We give access to A-List talent.
We have a global footprint, both talent and distribution.
We own a built-in distribution capability.

It is impressive Cult's longstanding credibility in the cultural world – adding to their understanding of our brand values, an ability to tell personal stories, that is at the core of what they do.

- Patrick Madendjian, intl. marketing manager Hennessy


  • Jaeger LeCoultre

  • Hennessy V.S

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Ralph Lauren

  • COTY

  • MINI